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What Make’s Leaf Solution Better?

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Evelyn's Leaf Solution is installed at an angle to optimize shedding. This method virtually guarantees that even the smallest debris will self-shed and not accumulate on top of the system.


Through years of testing and product development, we have perfected the design of our stainless stell mesh. Our custom engineered, 440 micron gauge screens feature holes large enough to optimize water flow, while remaining small enough to catch shingle grit.


Our patented, micro-mesh hemming process makes Evelyn's Leaf Solution the strongest, most durable gutter guard ever manufactured.


Evelyn's patented capillary diverter system is engineered to caputure all rainwater. The triple dip design alters the flow of the water, forcing it into the gutter. Our mesh is intergrated with the substrate throughout the entire active area (horizontally and vertically), creating capillary action and maximizing water dissipation.

“My Leaf Solution is hands down the best gutter guard on the market. That is why I invented it.”

“My lifetime warranty, 25 years, is the best in the business. Your gutters will never clog again, I guarantee it.”

“I only select the most reputable companies in the country to become an authorized dealer of my Leaf Solution to ensure the job is done right.”

Leaf Solution is Now Available In 7 Colors!

  • White
  • Mill
  • Clay
  • Brown
  • Almond
  • Bronze
  • Black

Evelyn's PromiseBacked by a 100% money-back, "GUTTERS WILL NEVER CLOG" guarantee!

I am so confident in my product that not only did I attach my name to it, but I am extending a personal guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the way one of my certified dealers handled my no pressure sales approach, the performance of my product or the overall experience then I need you to email me directly. This way, I can get personally involved to make sure that you are completely happy.

Having said that, I am pretty sure that you will find that my hand-selected dealers proudly carry on my dedication to customer excellence. This is way you will see my yard signs popping up in neighborhood yards throughout the United States. So, all I ask in return for standing behind the best gutter protection in the industry is a genuine testimonial. By the way, please alert your friends, family and neighbors about my company and our exciting products!

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